Reputation in this way of construction, safe, People’s life quality and life standards will increase, to meet the needs of qualified housing continues without a break. It is one of the main goals of adding quality buildings that sound to the architecture of the city with prestigious housing projects that it will carry out and continues to carry out. It offers for those who realize that housing is a huge investment; it is the basic philosophy of offering the right choices and choosing the first with the confidence.


Regardless of the circumstances, we set out with our quality and reliable service policy, and we move rapidly in this direction. We do not compromise our honest identity; we work with great care to do long-term work with successful and sound projects and to make our success continuous. In the construction sector, we comply with all standards on very important issues such as quality, work and employee safety, and take great care to set an example. In our projects, we try to produce living spaces that facilitate human life, provide peace and security, and we do not compromise OUR REPUTATİON by aiming to construct modern living spaces that guarantee security and comfort at all times.



Following the footsteps of the world-class construction technology, contributing to life, responding to all the needs of modern life and offering much more to create high quality, reliable living spaces. Without breaking the line of aesthetic architecture, it is to build more habitable structures with permanent solutions, which are known for their durability. With its experienced and trained staff, it is a reputation that gives no public interest in occupational safety and that is growing with customer satisfaction.


• To present high-quality structures by combining the right material use with advanced technology with successful architecture and engineering that makes a difference,
• To put our customers ' expectations and satisfaction on the basis of our service, at the first place
• To serve social life standards by carrying them up,
• To go with nature, environment, historical and cultural texture,
• To prevent crooked and illegal building, to open the way for a healthier city life,
• To contribute to the economy by creating employment areas with new life projects.



İtibar İnşaat is a 100% Turkish company from Azerbaijan and Russia, whose financing is aimed at providing high standards of living and building modern, robust and aesthetic structures to the future.

The main objective of İtibar İnşaat, which is born from the partnership of the well-established companies of Azerbaijan and Russia and which transfers most of its energy to Turkey, is to add high quality buildings to the city's architecture with prestigious housing projects that it will carry out and continues to carry out.

As a real component of a successful project, İtibar İnşaat has decided to develop its experience in the Turkish housing market by combining its financial power with the experience of projects that add value to the life it has carried out in Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine and Moldova to date.